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Embellish Vocals into Texts Using Professional Transcription Services from INTEGRAL TRANSLATION

“What’s the necessity of jotting down a speech into words,” you may ask! Well, transcribing a vocal oration into printed renditions provides a hard copy to the receiver and helps him get a better hold of the surroundings. INTEGRAL TRANSLATION excels in providing professional transcription services striving towards delivering accurate results.

Why do you require transcription services?

Converting vocals into texts requires a specialized skill set and this is what we strive to achieve with the help of our experts. Our transcription team adopts an integrated approach which allows us to provide our clients with top notch quality work.

Here are a number of reasons why you should opt for certified transcription services.

  • A professional approach –

While transcriptions can be performed by almost any individual, there is a fine difference between scripting and accurate scripting. Professional services like us make use of an apt inventory which helps our experts to generate results of the highest quality.

  • Monetary benefits –

We are one of the most affordable transcription writing services in London. INTEGRAL TRANSLATION also boasts of being one of the fastest transcription services in the UK. We assure to provide customer delivery within the stipulated time.

  • A Flexible Outlook –

Flexibility is the key to success, and our professionals are well-versed in every genre of transcription services. Our dominant areas include various types of services which allow our clients to seek the service they desire.

What services do we offer?

INTEGRAL TRANSLATION provides certified transcription services that encompass the following types:

  1. Verbatim Transcriptions
  2. Intelligent transcriptions
  3. Edited transcriptions

Let’s dig into the details –

The first option,i.e.,Verbatim transcriptions, refers to capturing each word, sound or noise in the form of texted renditions. This is one of the most highly paid and widely used professional transcription services provided by us.

Intelligent transcription experts need to have an in-depth analytical skill. These services involve decoding speeches and lectures of professors and academic researchers; therefore, a proficient knowledge of the subject is required to gain prominence. 

Finally, the third part involves edited transcriptions. These are comparatively rich in quality owing to the privilege of editing certain portions out. As a result, only the top quality transcriptions are penned down in the final testimony.


  1. Best in class transcription services
  2. Proficiencyin every genre of transcription
  3. Legally certified transcription service
  4. Our happy clients speak for our success
  5. Affordable transcription services

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